The Good Witch Engagement Ring

Looking for the gorgeous engagement ring Cassie wears on The Good Witch? 

I AM NOT THE MAKER. The designer is Aimee Kennedy. Please contact her directly for pricing, more information and how to get the ring for yourself:



Instagram: aimeek_jeweller


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The Good Witch Jewelry by Peggy Li

When season 4 of The Good Witch premiered, it was to the delight of Goodies everywhere that gentle Cassie (Catherine Bell) and the good doctor Sam (James Denton) finally got engaged! And what an amazing story - of course there is a tale of a Merriwick ring, one that Cassie always wanted for herself. This story is of a special ring, a Gimmal ring - this "joint ring" is made of two to three separate rings that nest together to create the final joined ring. After much mystery, Abigail helps Sam get just the right ring for Cassie.

I had to reach out to the costume designer for the show, Anya Taraboulsy to find out more about this Good Witch wedding ring!

She told me that the ring is the work of Canadian designer Aimée Kennedy. No stranger to working with stylists and costume designers, she had to make three copies of this stunning ring for The Good Witch!

And don't miss my in depth interview with the costume designer Anya Taraboulsy here.




  • Posted by Denise Worchesik on

    I was just wondering how much a replica of the engagement ring that you designed for Cassie Nightingale in the Good Witch.
    Than you

  • Posted by PEGGY LI on

    Hello folks… PLEASE READ THE POST. I am not the designer, please contact Aimee directly for questions about the ring. Thank you! Peggy

  • Posted by Kari Lozoya on

    How much is the diamond looking nexklace Catherine Bell wears with the black dress in season 1 or 2.. diamond shaped very elegant.

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