TODAY Show International Day of the Girl 2011 - Dove Charm Necklace

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I was so honored to be asked to designate a jewelry design that would benefit a charity for girls for the October 11 International Day of the Girl and I choose my Dove Charm Necklace. I feel so lucky that while growing up I did not feel that being female meant I couldn't do or be whatever I wanted - it was only *other* people telling me it wasn't possible (to be a chemical engineer, or a chef, or a writer for The X-Files...). Any you know what? They are WRONG. 

So until December 1, 2021, I'll be donating 25% of sales of my Dove Charm Necklace to WriteGirl (, a non profit charity that mentors teen girls who want to express themselves with the written word. I wanted to be a screenwriter back in the day and wrote short stories as a teen - what an amazing organization this would have been for a young me! WriteGirl is based out of Los Angeles but now has virtual workshops that teen girls from around the country may apply to attend. Do you remember Amada Gorman from the 2020 presidential inauguration and her incredible poem "The Hill We Climb"? She is a former WriteGirl mentee!

Dove Charm necklace by Peggy Li

Please check out this amazing organization and remember to support young women everywhere - we deserve equal pay, equal rights and the right to reproductive care.



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    Would you consider making jewlery (necklaces, earrings) with the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. I think they would make great gifts.

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