Podcast/Live Interviews with Peggy Li

I've had so much fun chatting with awesome podcasts and Instagram Lives! Whether we are talking about my small business journey or a TV show fandom (or both), all of these podcast creators have unique points of view and tons of great content to enjoy. Dive into some Buffy rewatches, analyze the glory days of Hart of Dixie, or lets talk about imposter syndrome and small business fears. It's all here.

Beach Houses and Babies (a Private Practice podcast)
Instagram: @bhabpodcast

Becoming Buffy
Instagram: @becomingbuffypodcast

Buffering the Vampire Slayer
Instagram: @bufferingcast

Comic Book Club
Instagram: @comicbookclublive

Hallmarkies Podcast
Instagram: @hallmarkiespodcast

Long Live the Hart

Persevere the Podcast (Coming Soon)
Instagram: @perseverepodcast

ReVisiting Sunnydale
Instagram: @rvs_podcast

Slayerfest 98
Instagram: @slayerfestx98

Small Business Radio X

The Storied Life

The Watchover Podcast