Summer Jewelry Tips on ABC7 Midday Live

Summer jewelry do's and don'ts with Kristen Sze

WELL. This has been a whirlwind 72 hours! That's how much time had to prepare for my first-ever live TV segment on local ABC7 MiddayLive news! In reporter Kristen Sze's Modern Mom segment, we discussed tips for your summer jewelry looks as well as how to do the current hot jewelry trend, a great layered necklace look, featuring jewelry from Peggy Li Creations (of course!).

 Check out the video below!


Summer is such a fun time for fashion! You're showing a little more skin, you're wearing bright colors, and will wear your hair up! Take advantage of this season for some great jewelry DOS.

So what are some summer Do's?

Wear chokers, but modern (not those hemp chokers!) - metallics and delicate layers.
Bold earrings - go big, go for color!

Natural materials - rock some bold textures with wood, colored stones, shells.

What are some summer Don'ts?

Don't over do it! Balance is key - if you're rocking bold earrings, go for more delicate necklaces and vice versa.

Peggy Li and Kristen Sze
Helping reporter Kristen Sze with some necklace layering choices!

One of the hottest jewelry trends this summer is LAYERING!

Check out your own jewelry box to see if you have these pieces. Maybe mix and match some chains and pendants to get the combo you want!

Here are the basics for a great layered necklace look -

  • Shortest length - something delicate, can have more details in it, add a little sparkle. Choker necklace lengths of 14 inch to 15 inches works well.
  • Middle length - something middle in size, you can bring in a pop of color or a cool stone, your eye will be drawn to the middle section. Necklace lengths of 16 inch to 18 inches works well here!
  • The longest length necklace is your "anchor" piece - something a little more substantial, maybe a bigger pendant, that will ground your look and add that final polish.

PRO TIP #1 - run your fingers through the strands to keep them separated throughout the day and choose necklaces with different styles of chain to help keep the tangles away!

ABC7 Midday jewelry

Some of the jewelry pieces featured on the segment, from left to right:

Amazonite and Wood necklace

Coral and Wood necklace

Small Square Tube Necklace

Ancient Coin Necklace

Gem Clover Necklace

Wood and Shell Necklace

There you have it! What are some of your favorite jewelry do's and don'ts for summer? Are you looking for a jewelry piece featured in the segment? Let me know in the comments below!



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