Jewelry Hacks on ABC7 Midday Live

Another fun segment with ABC7 Midday Live Modern Mom anchor Kristen Sze where I share my tips about how to refresh your jewelry box.

Fall is a great time to pull out your jewelry box and do a jewelry refresh. You might have pieces you loved but haven’t worn in a while, check out the video clip below for my favorite jewelry hacks!


Tip 1: Clean your jewelry!

  • Soft toothbrush, gentle dish soap, cotton cloth to dry
  • Silver polishing hack - hot water, aluminum foil, baking soda. See the video to see how it works!
  • Silver polishing cloths. My favorite is Sunshine Polishing cloths.


Tip 2: Add an extender

  • You can change up a necklaces’ look by changing the length. Add an extender, an easy chain addition. I have a selection of necklace extenders you can choose from!


Tip 3: Switch it up!

  • Take inventory of your pieces and swap pendants with different chains for fresh new looks!
  • Single earring? See if you can remove the earwire, add a jump ring, and make it a pendant.


Tip 4: Jewelry allergies? Have a piece you love that irritates your skin?

  • Limit your exposure - take off earrings at night, etc. Nickel is often the culprit. Testing kits are available!
  • Hypoallergenic options include niobium, sterling silver. Also check your earring backs make sure they are also not a reactive material.
  • Use clear nail polish. Put on a coat, let dry, add another coat. Might need to reapply over time. There are also allergy shield products on the market that work the same way.

Hope you love these tips! Let me know in the comments if you try them!



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