Jewelry Designs for #SaveourChinatowns #StopAAPIHate

Due to overwhelming response (thank you!!!) orders will be shipping out in mid-late April! Please contact me with any questions.

As an Asian-American designer, I couldn't stand by as reports of the horrible increases in hate crimes against AAPI people have hit the news. I have also been concerned about the Chinatown communities in San Francisco and Oakland - places that are firmly ingrained in my childhood memories as havens for my parents when they first came to this country. So I created two fundraising designs where 100% of the profits will go to organizations working to support AAPI communities local to me and across the US.

Fortune Cookie Necklace - donating to Save Our Chinatowns and Feed + Fuel Chinatown

Year of the Ox Necklace - donating to GoFundMe #StopAsianHate
Jewelry for #StopAAPIHate
Asians experiencing hate crimes and communities like Chinatown often don't ask for or have difficulty getting help because of cultural and language barriers. I am excited to support these two organizations which will serve large orgs as well as smaller grassroot efforts.
I hope you can join me in the fight against Asian hate - for the fight against hate against one group is the fight for equality for all.

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