Druzy: 3 Reasons You’ll Love Wearing this As-Seen-on-TV Gem!

Spotted sparkle on Becca Kufrin on The Bachelorette or Felicity Smoak on Arrow? That’s druzy, one of my favorite gemstones!   

Glittering and bright, druzy adds captivating sparkle to any look and enhances a woman’s natural beauty.

I love druzy for being a stunning slice from nature, raw yet refined. The sparkle goes with any look, from t-shirts and jeans to a little black dress. 

Here’s why every woman should have at least one jewelry piece featuring druzy in her jewelry collection!

Felicity Arrow Druzy Necklace

Felicity on Arrow wearing a Blue Druzy necklace

  1. Naturally Unique

Formed in nature, no two pieces of druzy are alike.

Found by riverbeds and shorelines, druzy is created when mineral-rich water evaporates on a rock, leaving a cluster of crystals behind. This gives druzy the unmistakable, crystalline sparkle that looks like glittery sugar.

Since there are so many kinds of minerals in the earth, there are many kinds of druzy. (The most common? Quartz! 95% of druzy on the market is quartz.)

Made in nature, every fragment of druzy is unique. This makes every piece entirely yours!


  1. Sparkle from Day to Night

Druzy is one of the easiest and most enjoyable gems to wear. It brings the bling without being “too much,” making it the perfect accessory for any outfit. During the day, it's got that natural look from the raw crystals, but at night? Nothing but sparkle!

Druzy goes from day to night, effortlessly. With druzy, you don’t need to worry about changing from gems for the office to something more glam for a night out.


  1. Unforgettable Beauty

Druzy is known as the “Gemstone of Heaven!” Some say it brings calm and focus to whoever who wears it.

Whether you believe this or not, there’s no doubt that druzy makes you feel beautiful!

When I purchase druzy to use for my designs, they are often treated in a few different ways - including special coatings to get rainbow and other metallic effects. Paired with the crystal structure, this makes for beauty you can't find in nature!

No matter what color you choose, druzy enhances any woman’s natural beauty.

Tiny crystals catch the light and create a glittering effect that’s unforgettable.


Designing with Druzy 

When I design with druzy, I often leave the stone as the focus, because they have so much character on their own. My favorite druzy colors to work with? Bright blue, glowing bronze, light champagne and shimmering gold.

Which are your favorite pieces from my collection of druzy designs?


Druzy Earrings

Druzy Spike Earrings, seen on The Bachelorette




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