• Small Huggie Cartilage Earrings
  • Small hoop earrings for multiple piercings

Huggie Hoop Earrings

  • $29.00

Sold as a pair.

The slimmest, most minimalist hoop earrings you can find that you can wear alone or stacked on other piercings! These hoops are "endless" style, with the ends simply slipping into the tube at the other side. They can be tricky to get on, but can be left in and will be secure. These small hoops remind me of some of the best Sarah Michelle Gellar and her Buffy look of the 90's!

Available in 14k gold and sterling silver with two sizes available: 12mm and 10mm in diameter (measured to the outside edge). Wear the 12mm with your normal piercing - 10mm is more appropriate for cartilage and second piercings. Both are delicate hoops.