• Calder Inspired Geo Earrings
  • Cornered Geo Earrings, gold
  • Cornered Geo Earrings, sterling silver
  • Felicity Smoak Cornered Geo Earrings on Arrow
  • Nina Dobrev for The Vampire Diaries in Cornered Geo Earrings by Peggy Li Creations

Cornered Geo Earrings

  • $110.00

Seen on Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Accessories Magazine

Floating handmade and hand hammered isosceles triangles makes for a kinetically charged pair of earrings that are lighter than air. I love the way these have angles that seem to go every which way, yet remains sophisticated and modern. Inspired by one of my favorite artists, Calder and his geometric mobiles.

Earrings dangle approx. 4" tall!