• Bold Eye Necklace
  • Bold Eye Necklace
  • Bold Evil Eye Necklace
  • Judy (Linda Cardellini) evil eye necklace Dead to Me

Bold Evil Eye Necklace

  • $94.00

Evil Eye necklace in Navy Blue worn by Judy (Linda Cardellini) on season 3 of Dead to Me.

I'm into evil eye symbols lately - classic charms of protection. These enamel evil eye pendant beauties are made in Turkey and feature a blue eye on your choice of a navy blue, pink, white, black or turquoise enamel background, with a rich gold plate over brass. Be bold and charmed by this eye-catching design.

Pendant measures just over 1" wide, 1" tall. On 14k gold-filled chain, choose 16" 18" 20" 24" or 26" long.

*Tip: to preserve the life of your pendant, you can put a coat of clear nail polish or use a product like Jewelry Shield on the back of your pendant!*