• Cobweb Necklace, gold
  • Basic Cobweb Necklace detail
  • Silver Basic Cobweb Necklace
  • Gigi Hadid SI swim wearing Peggy Li Creations Basic Cobweb Necklace
  • Cassie (Catherine Bell) wears a Peggy Li Cobweb Necklace on The Good Witch

Basic Cobweb Necklace


Necklace seen on Catherine Bell on The Good Witch, on Gigi Hadid in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and on Pretty Little Liars.

Whisper-weight chain is split into a delicate multi-strand necklace with a sleek plum bob point pendant. It moves and transforms in a way that a single simple pendant necklace can't do. 

Pendant measures just under 1/2" tall. Choose 16" 18" or 20" long in sterling silver w/sterling silver plated pendant or 14k gold-filled with bronze pendant.