Necklace Length Guide

It can be tough selecting jewelry online when you can't try the earrings or necklaces on personally. I've put together this necklace length guide to help you choose a necklace length for your handmade jewelry selection! I've taken this image using my Simple Dot Necklace to show you some typical jewelry necklace lengths on a full-size clothing mannequin.

Read on about some standard necklace lengths used for fashion jewelry (and don't forget that a heavy pendant can make your necklace look a bit longer when you wear it). Looking to layer your necklaces? Definitely choose a variety of necklace lengths and weights (some with pendants, some without) to contrast the different pieces worn, like wearing a lightweight choker with a pendant necklace.

choker, collar or petite necklace length would be around 14" to 15" and rest along the base of your throat.

Industry standard length starts at a 16" length. This size fits most and is the most popular jewelry length! Almost all my necklaces come in this basic length.

Princess length necklace is 18" or 20" and is a good choice if you prefer a looser fit.

For a length between Princess length and an Opera length necklace, you can choose a Matinee length necklace which hangs 20" to 24"and lets pendants and charms hang a little more freely. A Matinee length gives a more casual vibe and some additional necklace layering options.

28"-34" in length is also called an Opera length necklace and may allow you to double the length of your necklace and gives you some more options.

Over 45" is called a Rope or Lariat necklace length and is a long length that lets you wrap the chain in a variety of ways.

At Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry, I am happy to work with you to get the length you need. If you don't see the size you need, simply email me before you place your order and let me know which piece you are interested in and what custom changes you might need.