• Column Earrings with zircon
  • Column Earrings, silver
  • Column Earrings with zircon

Column Earrings

  • $89.00

I love the lines on these simple gemstone earrings. A column of metal and the contrast of a geometric faceted gemstone. In this case, softly colored zircons are cut into a variety of shapes with faceted edges for that hint of sparkle. Colors range from gold to orange to dusky blue, some also have inclusions and look like rutilated quartz. I love the variety of shapes and tones with these one-of-a-kind stone pairings. Let me choose for you, simply indicate if you'd like a lighter or darker toned stone. Each set of stones will also be a unique shape, and asymmetric, but I promise I hand-select a gorgeous pair for you.

Earring top measures just over 1/2" tall, stone size varies from 5-10mm tall. In 14k gold-filled.