• Various clip on earring top types
  • Spring back and screw back style clip on earrings
  • Earrings with clipon earring tops

Clip On Earrings Add-On

  • $15.00

Believe it or not, I do not have pierced ears! So, creating comfortable and beautiful clip on earrings in short and long clip on earring styles are a cause true to my heart.

There are two styles -- there are the traditional spring-back (earrings on top row main picture) clip on style. The earring opens and has a spring-like effect that helps it close and grip your earlobe. These are available in sterling silver and 14k gold-filled. These are also slightly adjustable -- squeeze the earring pad to loosen the pressure on the clip on piece of the earring.

I also have screw-back (bottom row, main picture), you adjust the grip of the piece on your earlobe! The front is a slim, simple bar style. Available in sterling silver or 14k gold-filled. These clipon earrings are perhaps more comfortable, since you can easily control the pressure of the clip on your ear.

Most PLC styles are adaptable to a clip on earring top. Please email me at inquire about this special order.