Jewelry on The Last Bridesmaid

When Rachel Boston reached out to me about her latest Hallmark movie project, The Last Bridesmaid, I couldn't be more excited. She plays Becca, a woman trying to decide between her office career and her passion, making jewelry! Not only did she nail the jewelry making scenes, but the story-behind-the-story about a woman wrestling with making choices in her life, be it career or matters of the heart, rings so true!

Rachel not only stars in this movie, but brought this idea to life from her own life experiences and is a producer on the project! I was so honored to provide Rachel with a few of the jewelry designs she wears in the movie. And I have so many thoughts about the final product (it's a little close to my own business story!)

Check out all the jewelry made by me for The Last Bridesmaid here: Jewelry seen on The Last Bridesmaid. Any pieces that aren't mine are by Vancouver jewelry designer Leah Alexandre.


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