The Jam Chicago - Jewelry seen on CW TV shows

Just finished filming a segment on the Chicago TV show The Jam with host Felicia Lawrence. We chatted about how I got my start as a jewelry designer and about some of my favorite jewelry designs that have appeared on Jane the Virgin, Riverdale and The Vampire Diaries.

HUGE thanks to the costume designers who have helped make my dreams possible: 

Cyntha Bergstrom for Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

Rachel Kunin  for Jane the Virgin (read my Q&A with Rachel here)

Rebekka Sorensen Kjelstrup for Riverdale (read my Q&A with Rebekka here)

and Leigh Leverett for The Vampire Diaries.

Watch the segment below! 

It was so much fun to fly out to Chicago, meet the team at The Jam and help get them pumped up for becoming the new channel for The CW in the Chicago area. I'm super excited for the upcoming seasons of all  your CW favorites, in addition to the shows mentioned, more Arrow, The Flash and Charmed!

Want to shop the jewelry looks seen in this TV segment? Check out the links below!

Jane the Virgin


The Vampire Diaries



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