How to Find the Fashion You See on TV

Ever since movies flickered on the screen or on the TV tube, costume design of our favorite stories and characters have influenced our own closets. I remember being transported by Norma Shearer in The Women, Grace Kelly in Rear Window and of course any Audrey Hepburn or Ginger Rogers movie. 

TV fashion has now become a huge player in today's trends and fashion, from Gossip Girl to Scandal. I got my jewelry business start with Buffy, the Vampire Slayer because I loved the fashion on the show! What am I obsessing about these days? Angela Lansbury on reruns of Murder, She Wrote!

Today, with the Internet, you can have any of the fashion you see on TV and film right at your fingertips. Here are a few of my favorite websites dedicated to helping you find those looks:

Worn on TV - Does a great job spotting clothing and giving like-item suggestions for a gamut of popular TV shows and talk shows/reality shows. Has been around for a few years so has a great backlog of items.

Shop Your TV - An up to date site that spots tons of items from a wide variety of TV shows. A great resource.

Arrow Fashion Blog - your source for all things Arrow! THE guide for the outfits and fashion worn by the stars of Arrow on and off the show. 

Joan's Fashion Show - Long time Elementary fan chronicles in amazing gif form the outstanding outfits worn by Lucy Liu on the show as Joan Watson.

Riverdale Wardrobe - another Tumblr site like Joan's, above, which makes for a very browsable look at the styles seen on CW show Riverdale, as well as on the actors out and about IRL. Also check out their Instagram for perhaps a more shoppable experience.

StarStyle and CoolSpotters - These sites are more about "In Real Life" celebrity outfits. Find the clothes worn by celebs on their talk show appearances or their everyday paparazzi shots. Sites rely on fans to report on sightings. StarStyle has a specific section for The Bachelorette!

All the Pretty Pandas - former Bachelorette contestant Sharleen Joynt does a season by season recap, plus fashion finds, from each season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and the spinoffs.

Do you have a favorite fashion finder website? Let me know in the comments, below!




  • Posted by Michaela Hughes on

    I’d love to find the cocktail dress worn by necar zadegan in the ncis no episode "pride and prejudice "

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