The Best Clip On Earring Options

No piercings? No problem! I myself don't have pierced ears (never have - funny for a jewelry designer!) so I understand the struggle to find fun clip-on earring options. I'm happy to update you on some best clip on earrings here at Peggy Li Creations and remind you of the custom options available for clip on earrings that I can make for you.

Most of my handmade earring designs can be converted to clips! You lose the earwire detail, but you can get the chain/charms/gemstones on your choice of a springback or screwback clip on earring backing.

How to choose the best clip on earring for your ears? Let's take a look at the two options, below.

Top row: Springback (additional $15-$25): These work with a spring action, with the tension holding the earring to your ear. You can adjust the tension slightly by squeezing or opening the earpad.

Bottom row: Screwback (additional $25-$30): I prefer this style of clipon earring, since the style is sleeker and you can adjust the tension by turning the screw-on earpad. I have these in both sterling silver and 14k gold-filled.

If you're interested in custom clip on earrings, check out my handmade earring styles and simply email me for details on getting your style converted.
Amazonite Clip On Earrings
Another option is you can check out my just released limited edition clip on earrings featuring handmade in Bali clip on tops and brilliant stone/charm choices, below! They are super comfortable for clip on earrings and they can hold a lot of weight. Shop for them here and let me know what you think - Clip On Earrings

Peggy Li Custom Clip on Earrings

Clip On Earrings by Peggy Li

Of course there are also simple options like Ear Cuffs and Ear Climbers! These are designed to slip over your ear and earlobe, no piercing required.


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